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The New Form of Peaceful Revolution–Clouds

Given the current the Communist Party of China’s harsh crackdown on the opposition organization, the opposition group cannot organize an effective large scale protest, so we suggest that the traditional protestors switch to a more modern way of thinking, learning from the new technology in the age of internet: cloud. Read more »


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Peaceful Revolution – A Proposal for Sending Flowers to CCTV Campaign

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Why China Fears a ‘Color Revolution’ Incited by the West

By :Nathan Gardels, Editor-in-chief, The WorldPost


Earlier this month, several Chinese lawyers were convicted of “subversion” for colluding with “foreign forces” — read: the United States. The fear is that America’s aim is to ultimately foment regime change in Beijing with a popular uprising, like the “color revolution” in Ukraine and those of the Arab Spring. In what most regard as forced performances, some of the accused even confessed on TV that their legal challenges to the state were opening the doors to the deleterious influence of Western ideas. The Communist Party leadership also sees the promotion of Western-style practices, such as multi-party elections or an independent judiciary, as designed to undermine their rule through a creeping peaceful evolution that will inexorably result in turmoil.

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