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[Video] Spies and Influence: The hard edge of China’s soft power

“They want to influence Australia. They want a stronger presence in Australia.”

It’s a tale of secrets, power and intimidation.

“ASIO are really quite alive and alert to these issues… of Australian national security.”

China is our most important trading partner, making a strong relationship vital to Australia’s national interest. But there are growing concerns about covert Chinese actions taking place on Australian soil. Read more »


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此曲名为《神话》,由湖北黄冈艺人于深圳街头表演。以前孝感、黄冈经常被水淹,当地很多人到我们随州等地乞讨,有些人会手艺就在街头卖艺或走街串乡为了弹棉花打被套等。我外祖母因为民国时期为耕读信佛之家,经常接济他们,因此我小时候也经常碰到他们以我外祖母家为落脚点,有时也暂宿我家。但自对外开放以来,都转向广东工厂打工去了。此老先生应该属于其中的佼佼者。 Read more »


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Don’t Be a Pawn: A Warning to Students Abroad

Former American college student Glenn Duffie Shriver studied abroad in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. Read more »


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My own experience of Murder and Organ Robbery of Chinese Dissidents

I was almost murdered by the Chinese political police.

During the interrogation of the “Jasmine Revolution” in China, one of them asked me :”You are so kind, working for human rights for others. Have you signed the Organ donation wills?” I said it’s not safe in China, so I didn’t sign it. Read more »


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A Report on Guo Feixiong Being Tortured

Menschenrechte für China (Please indicate the source)

Guo Feixion has been imprisoned twice. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail from 2006 to 2011. He has been put into jail since August 8, 2013, serving a 6 years sentence. He has stayed in 6 detention centers and prisons, been interrogated over 200 times, occasionally multiple times per day. Sometimes he had to be arraigned on a stretcher. Read more »


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