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Congressman questions Facebook blocking Chinese dissident

USA congressman questions Facebook, why they blocked Chinese dissident’s account. Read more »


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RSF calls for boycott of China’s World Internet Conference

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the international community to boycott the second World Internet Conference (WIC) being organized by China, the world’s leading “Enemy of the Internet.” Communist Party cyber-propagandist Lu Wei has just defended Internet censorship, saying it is needed to achieve a balance between freedom and order. Read more »


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Appeal court trims Gao Yu’s jail term, RSF reiterates call for release

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reiterated its call for journalist Gao Yu’s immediate release after a Beijing people’s high court today reduced her sentence on appeal from seven to five years in prison. Gao did none of the things she is alleged to have done. Read more »


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CHINA Court hears Gao Yu’s appeal behind closed doors



A Beijing people’s high court today finally heard journalist Gao Yu’s appeal against the seven-year jail sentence she received in April on a charge of divulging state secrets. Police turned away journalist and diplomats who tried to attend because the court decided to hold the hearing behind closed doors. Read more »


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Chinese citizen was arrested for suing Chinese Internet censorship

September 4, 2014, Chinese citizen Wang Long sued China Unicom on the reason “can not login to the Google search engine“. September 29, he was detained to the charges of “Crime of Provocation” in criminal detention.

November 4, Shenzhen Longgang District Procuratorate approved the arrest of Wang Lung, and he is currently being held in Shenzhen Longgang District Detention Center.



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Facebook fawns on The Communist Party in China

Facebook deleted a posting about Tibetan self-immolation. Facebook fawns on the Communist Party in China–Facebook Censorship.

Tibetan writer Tsering Woeser posten a text with a video on Facebook, but it was deleted, and Facebook sent her one massage, says that her text violates the provisions of Facebook.

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