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梦中都在担心德国拜仁邦新警察法 Sorge um das neue Polizeiaufgabengesetz im Traum

我梦中都还在担心德国拜仁邦这次新警察法。梦见警察滥用权力纵容极端右派分子四处攻击、杀害外国人及本国温和派。我虽然救了不少外国带着孩子的外国妇女,但整个德国已经陷入了一片混乱。 Ich mache mich schon Sorge um das neue Polizeiaufgabengesetz. Habe geträumt, es gab wegen eines Unfalls Stau auf der Autobahn, dann ein Neonazimitglieder griff alle an, ein Mann (ein Deutscher) ist deshalb verletzt. Ich rief die Polizei, aber ein …

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Eine Geschichte über staatliche Überwachung und die Zukunft Deutschlandes

Eine Geschichte über staatliche Überwachung und die Zukunft Deutschlandes. 2014, nach meinem Vortrag über Internetzensur und Pressfreiheit in Offenbach sagte mir ein Mädchen, die ein Stipendium von Konfuziusinstitut erhielt, 3-jährige Highschool in China belegt hatte und in Chinese Uni gehen …

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will I be arrested again because of telling the truth?

Which relationship do you think between these two men? It is the same person, a doctor! Since he wrote the truth that one Chinese medicine is poisonous, but the factory which produces this medicine belongs to one county, therefore he …

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我现在知道了为什么有些人长相丑陋了。因为他们从来不微笑,他们的内心充满了仇恨、自私、嫉妒及对物质的欲望。他们虽然也经常大笑,但这只是他们在享受得到满足时的表现,而不是友善或爱心的体现。 I know why some people looked so ugly now, because they never smile. There full of hate, jealousy, egoism and Greed for Martial in their heart. They nevertheless laugh, but it is just the enjoyment of their Greed. Jetzt …

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美国宪法(全文) The Constitution of the United States of America(中英对照)

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, …

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The story that I met God

I was born not as a christian. Religions were destroyed by the communist party regime. But there is a old church which was built by foreigners before the communist party’s ruling, it stands in the city center, but was expropriate …

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Installing AWS ShadowSocks 自己动手安装翻墙软件ShadowSocks

说明:这里的示例图片都是中文,按照其步骤操作很容易。请大家自己多尝试。 Open To complete registration, you need a credit card Login, select the nearest physical location. Select service “EC2” Install the virtual machine Start the instance Select “Ubuntu Server” For example, select “t2 micro”, then click “review and launch …

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A mother suicides and hangs two sons with her

A mother suicides and hangs two sons with her in China, because there is no social security, some families in very countryside can earn less than 100 € per year. They cannot bear the costs for education of their children …

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[Video]Chinese student kicked 70-year-old lady in Canada

A Chinese student kicked a 70-year-old lady in Vancouver (Canada) during a meeting for helping homeless people, this Chinese guy is anti-welfare, I don’t understand why he is so brutal, perhaps he was sent by the Chinese communist party. 溫哥華為無家可歸者提供避難屋,談論會上有反福利的華人閙塲,該名華人男子踢倒一個70多歲的老妇人后逃跑。

Name and symbol of prospective democratic China

Name of prospective democratic China: Federal Republic of China (Bundesrepublik China), political system is federal, every state(Bundesland) can negotiate how to divide territories, from state to commune has their own jurisdiction(competence, Kompetenz), inclusive foreign affairs of culture and health, also …

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