methods of Peaceful Revolution 革命云组织


Given the current the Communist Party of China’s harsh crackdown on the opposition organization, the opposition group cannot organize an effective large scale protest, so we suggest that the traditional protestors switch to a more modern way of thinking, learning from the new technology in the age of internet: cloud.

No massive physical meetings will normally be held, instead we should communicate through Gmail and communication encryption tools (tips: we strongly recommend using this e-mail encryption tool, and the Chinese description has been added recently.

The emails only can be seen by the two communicators and will be deleted immediately after reading. Even if the national security agents torture and force you to hand over the password will be useless, because the messages have been deleted and it is irreversible.。

Http:// We can also use the Telegram’s Burning after Read function, and discuss the frequency and location of street protests through encrypted communications.

We recommend holding the activities on Saturday morning, because people do not have to work on Saturday, and we can rest on Sunday to restore strength. .

Even if the police detained protestors for 24 hours, it would not affect their work.

We should choose a crowded location but was ignored by the Communist Party.

After planned the frequency and location, we can anonymously call on the Internet to organize a street action. The appeal could be environmental protection, the rights and welfare of migrant workers and other topics, which involves in a wide range of objectives and a single theme.

At the agreed time (every Friday after getting off work is a good time, no pressure to work the next day, and most police are unwilling to work at that time), the protestor can appeared as normal consumers or exercisers.

Meanwhile, we need to expand our social circles in real life, to promote these appeals and tell them that we saw these call-for-action posts online, and invite them to join.

The secret slogans and posters are also some very effective ways.

When calling for action, we should write a Gmail address, a telegraph group or a WhatsApps group that’s created and managed by foreign activists’ for the interested people to join, add them to a mailing group or Google forms, and often post international and domestic protests news to encourage their faith and courage.

Overseas advertising, fund raising will also be in progress to provide economic assistance for the arrested people and their families, as well as to those who are injured by the police and could not pay for the medical expenses.

All participants should remain anonymous in the network. When people are arrested in the protest, they should insist that they just happen to pass by, and they did not know there were such a protest, because they think that the appeal is reasonable, and closely connected with their own health and welfare, so they stopped to check it out.

If participants are arrested again, do not panic; just make the response according to the actual situation at that time.

When the scale of a protest have not reached a certain level, we suggest to adopt an avoidance strategy for the police suppression, and evacuate immediately after the bloody repression began. But participants should come again the next week, and shift the battleground quickly before the suppression begin, putting the police in a passive position.

When there are no suitable local warfare topics, we can pay attention to the demonstrations and protests in other place and take part in them.

There are about 200,000 cases of mass protests in China every year, and many of them are suitable for us to get involved.

We could use all kinds of groups and circles on the internet to advertise that the nature of the communist party’s exploitation and oppression, as well as the tragically endings of the eastern European and middle east dictators to people, especially those military junior officers, soldiers and government civil servants who do not have the family background. Meanwhile, we can print various laws and international treaties, and distribute them to the general public at various gatherings, such as shopping malls, places of amusement and other place with crowd.

We have done this before. People come out during the weekends, and most national security agents do not go to work in the weekend.

Even if a small number of urban management officials came, but they’re also temporary workers, and they’re also very concerned about their own legal rights and interests. Normally, they would ask for information and consult wage, benefits and other issues with us.

Leaving our contact information on the distributing material, and a lot of people will contact us.

Even if there are no other local protest activities to participate in, we still need to go to the street collectively. No appeal and publicity will be necessary, we just need to show up at same place, same time, so that our fellow activists would know that we’re always in this together.

We will never give up and never slack off.

We will expand repeatedly and flexibly, until the numbers of participants are large enough, the police and  soldiers turn their guns round, and the peace revolution will become a success.








平时不举行大规模的实体会议,主要通过Gmail及通信加密工具进行联系(附:强烈建议用这个邮件加密工具,不久前加上中文说明。只有通讯双方能看到,阅后即彻底删除,即使国保后来酷刑逼你交出密码也没用,因为源邮件删了,根本无密可解。 ),也可使用telegram(电报)的阅后即焚功能,通过加密通信,商定街头行动的频率及地点。建议选择周六上午,因为周六不用上班,且周日可以休息以恢复体力。如果被警察非法扣留24小时,也不影响工作。地点选择人多且共产党防范不严密的地段。

商定了频率地点以后,匿名在互联网上发布街头行动号召,诉求可以是环保,外来人员的权利和福利等涉及人员范围广、目标单一的主题。自己于商定的时间(每周五下班后是个好时间, 无第二天上班的压力,且这时大多警察也无心工作)以普通消费者或锻炼者的身份出现。同时在现实生活中扩大社交圈,向他们宣传这些诉求主题并告诉感兴趣者说在网上看到街头行动的呼吁帖子,邀请他们一起去看看。秘密的涂写标语、宣传画,也是非常有效的手段。







附:中国人权支持会是在德国注册并经财政局认证的公益机构,捐款可抵扣缴税。主要工作内容:向海外公众介绍中国的人权状况;不定期举办中国人权展览;支持国内的 人权及民主行动。请有心有力的热心人士赞助支持。捐款机构名称: Menschenrechte fuer China e.V., 捐款帐号:DE06760100850091622854,BIC码:PBNKDEFF; Paypal 机构帐号:

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