Installing AWS ShadowSocks 自己动手安装翻墙软件ShadowSocks


  1. Open To complete registration, you need a credit card
  2. Login, select the nearest physical location.
  3. Select service “EC2”
  4. Install the virtual machine
    • Start the instance
    • Select “Ubuntu Server”
    • For example, select “t2 micro”, then click “review and launch in Tokyo” (the price is about 11.52$)
    • Click “Start” to create the virtual machine
  5. Choose virtual machine settings
    • Download .pem for connecting
  6. Choose “launch-wizard-2”, then add open port and inbound rules
  7. Use SSH to connect to the virtual machine and install the SS service
    • Open terminal, cd downloads chmod 400 ***.pem – use .pem file from Step 4 create the password file, change path and IP to your own:
    • ssh -i ***.pem ubuntu@
    • The connection is successful
    • Establish root password: sudo passwd
    • Install SS service
      $ su
      $ sudo apt-get update
      $ sudo apt-get install-y python-pip
      $ export LC_ALL=C
      $ sudo pip install shadowsocks
      $ sudo pip install --upgrade pip
      $ sudo apt-get install-y python-m2crypto
      $ cat >>/etc/shadowsocks.json<<EOF
      "local_address": "",
      $ sudo chmod 755 /etc/shadowsocks.json
      $ cat >>/etc/rc. local<<EOF
      /usr/local/bin/ssserver –c /etc/shadowsocks. json
      $ sudo ssserver-c /etc/shadowsocks. json-d start

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