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Waging-Nonviolent-Struggle-20th-Century-Practice-and-21st-Century-Potential (4)

3rd part: Chapter Two TAPPING THE ROOTS OF POWER Human problems and the distribution of power Important progress has been made over the past century to meet human needs more adequately and to advance freedom and justice throughout the …

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[图] 详解用饮料瓶及口罩自制防毒面具 self made anti tear gas mask

Using plastic bottle and normal mask. 这个简易防催泪气体的自制面具大家应该学习一下,在街头抗议时用得上。 大家可以深入研究一下,在填充料里面加上哪些物理或化学成份能更好地保护自己。

Waging-Nonviolent-Struggle-20th-Century-Practice-and-21st-Century-Potential (3)

2nd part What words to use? The type of action in these cases and others has been given various names, some of which are useful and others of which are inappropriate. These names include “nonviolent resistance,” “civil resistance,” “passive resistance,” …

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「Video」 viele Arbeiter vom Ordnungsamt prügeln Mann hart auf der Straße während seine Frau schreiet

Video aus Twitter Shanghai: Arbeiter vom Ordnungsamt prügeln Mann hart auf der Straße während seine Frau schreiet. Die meinsten Arbeiter sind schläger oder sogar Mafia-Mitglieder.

Waging-Nonviolent-Struggle-20th-Century-Practice-and-21st-Century-Potential (2)

1st part Cases of nonviolent struggle From the late eighteenth century through the twentieth cen- tury, the technique of nonviolent action was widely used in colo- nial rebellions, international political and economic conflicts, religious conflicts, and anti-slavery resistance.1 This technique …

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Waging-Nonviolent-Struggle-20th-Century-Practice-and-21st-Century-Potential (1)

Chapter One FACING ACUTE CONFLICTS All conflicts are not equal We live in a world of many conflicts, and we have a responsibility to face many of them. Not all conflicts are equal. Some are much more important than others, …

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Source: Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and the BitTorrent network – Why? We believe in open, free, and uncensored network and communication. No single point of failure: Site remains online so long as at least 1 peer is …

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Alte Android-Handys spenden 征集旧安卓手机

Hallo ihr Lieben, Könnte jemand so nett ein altes Android-Handy für Anti-Internetzensur spenden? Ich helfe die Leute in China, dem Iran und anderen diktatorischen Ländern, um die Great-Firewall umzugehen, es benötigt Adroid-Handys als Severs. Wenn mehrere Leute Handys spenden können, umso …

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Die KP Chinas verfolgt nicht nur Chinesen, auch Deutsche

von: Xu Pei Weihnachten steht wieder vor der Tür, ich werde wieder an Bernhard Wilden erinnert, der vor 11 Jahren in Peking dem KP-Regime zum Opfer fiel. Anbei mein Beitrag darüber: Zum neunten Todestag des KP-Opfers Bernhard Wilden in Peking …

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「视频」Fighting with nonviolence 非暴力战争

这个视频讲了很多地区的非暴力抗争经验,值得大家学习借鉴(后面有文字文字版,中文在后)——多少独裁政府在过去30年倒塌?捷克斯洛伐克,东德,爱沙尼亚,拉脱维亚,立陶宛,马里,马达加斯加,波兰,菲律宾, 塞尔维亚,斯洛维尼亚,突尼斯和埃及。 这些都是因为一本80岁老人写的书而发生的。《从独裁到民主》写了非暴力抗争的81种方法。被翻译成26种语言。被世界各地的人使用,因为它很有效。 In half a century of trying to help prevent wars, there’s one question that never leaves me: How do we deal with extreme violence without using force in return? When you’re faced with brutality, whether it’s a …

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